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The Best Nootropics For Memory

One of the most commonly asked questions pre nootropic users ask is “what are Nootropics?” In short, nootropics are supplements mainly used for enhancing cognitive ability, and they may also help to enhance many other things such as memory and concentration. Taking these supplements may also increase the attention span of its user and help them to remain focused. Nootropics are also used as study aids by students. Nootropics also called “smart drugs,” increase motivation levels, energy levels in the brain, and intelligence. They are incredibly safe, are neuroprotective, and their risk of causing adverse side effects is very low. Many different types of people across the world use nootropics for various reasons.

How Do Smart Drugs Work?

Regular consumption of nootropics may enhance a user’s memory by keeping their brain cells healthy, improving the communication between neurons, and balancing neurotransmitter levels. These drugs help in stimulating the growth of new neurons and synapses, improving the energy metabolism in neurons, and enhancing neuroplasticity. One of the main advantages using these supplements has is that there are almost no side effects, (as long as the users stay within the recommended dosage), which varies from person to person.

What Is The Best Nootropic For Memory?

In this competitive era, it is essential for some individuals to continuously improve their brain power, more specifically their execution skills, memory, and creativity. A person can only remain healthy if their brain is healthy.

NootropicsFor many centuries people have used natural ingredients like caffeine to improve their cognitive skills and brain functioning. However, now, in addition to caffeine and other similar substances (which have limited benefits), there are many other options available. Neuroscientists are rapidly discovering new ways to enhance the cognitive ability of nootropic users. So it comes as no surprise that one of the most effective means of boosting brain power is to use nootropic substances. Nootropics or “smart drugs” are supplements that can help people improve their ability to execute thoughts, retain information, pay attention, focus, and other similar cognitive functions. The term Nootropic was coined in Romania by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea in 1972, after the discovery of the first smart drug.

Nootropics have quickly become famous worldwide and are available for sale both online and in stores. By the year 2015, nootropic sales exceeded $1 billion worldwide, and the demand for these supplements is continuing to increase rapidly. There are a large number of nootropics available that can help to enhance the memory of users. We have compiled a list of “smart drugs” in this article including the best nootropics for improving memory. Users can purchase smart drugs and other nootropics at

Alpha GPC

One of the most highly demanded nootropics on the market is Alpha GPC.
It is considered to be one of the best sources of choline and helps in increasing levels of the chemical “acetylcholine” in the brain. Acetylcholine is essential for the formation of both long-term and short-term memories. In addition to enhancing neurotransmission and improving memory, alpha GPC helps to smoothen the circulation of blood inside the brain; this reduces mental and physical fatigue making the user feel more physically energetic, and reduces brain fog. These features make this memory enhancing nootropic suitable for athletes, entrepreneurs, and students. While users may take multiple doses of alpha GPC in a day, caution should be taken to ensure that a daily dose of 1200 mg not be exceeded.


Centrophenoxine is another popular nootropic available on the market.
This nootropic helps in enhancing memory and other cognitive aspects of the human brain. Centrophenoxine contains the compound dimethylaminoethanol which increases levels of acetylcholine in the human brain. Similar to alpha GPC, this substance also helps to improve short-term as well as the long-term memory of its users. Not only does centrophenoxine help to improve memory, but it is also instrumental for maintaining the cognitive abilities of elderly persons. Using this Nootropic may sometimes cause instant drowsiness because of its powerful relaxation effects. Hence why this nootropic is widely used by seniors who may be interested in staying relaxed during times of stress.


Noopept is a useful supplement for brain enhancement since it can help users to remain focused on their work or studies. It also can aid in increasing levels of mental energy. For example, if a person is feeling exhausted after working continuously for long hours, noopept can help to give them an extra boost in brain power. Studies indicate that Noopept users are usually able to recollect numbers better, and past incidents in comparison to non-users; this is because noopept supplements are so good at increasing the concentration and overall efficiency of the human brain.

Additionally, noopept is considered to be “neuroprotective” as it protects the brain from chemical as well as physical and toxic damage. This supplement also helps in developing the neuron growth cycles of the brain otherwise called “neuroplasticity.” It is also a very potent compound for treating alzheimer’s, and tests are proving that it may be able to cure alzheimer’s disease in its early stages. Noopept has a significant advantage over many other nootropics available for sale because the human body can quickly process it. After consumption, the effects of noopept are felt almost immediately since it metabolizes much faster than other racetams. Even small doses of this supplement can achieve a desired impact on the user.

Noopept can improve cognitive ability in the long term, so users will usually experience the benefits of this drug for even months after they have stopped using it. This supplement is also capable of increasing productivity as well as the concentration levels of its users.


Pramiracetam is another nootropic widely used worldwide. The cognitive functioning and memory of its users may become significantly enhanced even from using small doses of this potent supplement. This Nootropic is extremely popular among people who wish to access learned mental information quickly, like lawyers or doctors. Many people experience memory recollection issues like forgetting scheduled appointments, birthdays, or study information for a test at school. Using pramiracetam can make recalling all of these daily tasks and activities easier. The recommended dosage of this supplement is around 1200 mg per day split in two or three doses.


Citicoline, also called “CDP-Choline,” is a nootropic most recommended for individuals who have noticed significant declines their cognitive abilities. Many citicoline users are people who are currently recovering from a stroke or survivors of other degenerative disorders. However, aside from these users, there are many categories of citicoline users such as; young people, teenagers, and even business professionals use it for improving their memory. This supplement is reasonably practical and enhances the circulation of blood within the human brain, which is proven to improve mental health. In addition to memory enhancement and improving blood flow to the brain, citicoline has many other benefits. Users can take multiple 5-10 mg doses of citicoline per day, for a total daily dose of no more than 30 mg.


A French chemist originally formulated the nootropic modafinil and used it for treating many different sleep disorders such as narcolepsy. Today, the drug used for improving many cognitive functions without having adverse side effects. Some benefits users may experience from using modafinil are increased focus and concentration, enhanced mood, improved cognitive skills, and alertness. Modafinil has millions of users around the world and is one of the most popular nootropics. It is also one of the highest rated nootropics approved by the FDA, with a large number of satisfied users confirming its effectiveness. Users have found that their productivity levels increase after using modafinil as they can focus better on studies or business.

Bacopa Monnieri

NootropicsBacopa Monnieri is considered to be one of the best memory enhancing nootropics that also keeps the human brain healthy. It helps in stimulating the growth of nerves in the brain, improving communication between the nerve cells, further benefiting memory impulses. Bacopa Monnieri is available in capsule form, though the leaf or powder may also be purchased or harvested. The right dosage of this nootropic varies depending on the vendor and where its processed. This supplement is effective in relieving stress, anxiety, and also has neuroprotective properties. Bacopa Monnieri also has antioxidant, and adaptogen properties; these properties stimulate the growth of nerve endings, thereby enhancing neuron communication. Research indicates that this substance is the recommended natural choice for treating ADHD and other attention-related disorders. Studies also suggest that this supplement can improve memory significantly in seniors experiencing a cognitive decline due to alzheimer’s or other similar neurodegenerative diseases.


Oxiracetam is widely used to prevent neurodegeneration. Additionally, it also may help in improving concentration and focus. Nootropics like oxiracetam can help to keep the brain healthy and improve memory.
Oxiracetam supplements help users process new information and improve the energy levels in their brain. This nootropic increases the production of acetylcholine which is necessary for the formation of short-term, as well as long-term memories. The daily recommended dose of oxiracetam ranges between 800 and 2400 mg. Experts recommend that new users of this nootropic use a low dose initially and increase it gradually so that the body has a sufficient amount of time to react and adapt to its effects. Oxiracetam is useful for treating elderly patients who have alzheimer’s disease since it can improve their reasoning skills and ability to think clearly. When oxiracetam becomes ingested, large amounts of acetylcholine and glutamate become released in active neurons; this results in an improvement in both learning and memory.


At present, sunifiram is one of the most potent nootropics available to be purchased by the public. It currently has a limited number of users, since high doses may be hazardous. While it helps in improving memory, users must ensure that they don’t exceed the maximum of 24mg within 24 hours. Not much research has been carried out on sunifiram yet, so this also contributes to its low popularity. Sunifiram is ideal for improving users ability to store information in the brain and enhances long-term as well as short-term memory.


Aniracetam is the considered to be the best memory enhancing nootropic for improving motivation levels and energy. This substance enhances neurotransmitter signals and accelerates neuron communication for improved focus and enhanced productivity. This nootropic also helps users deal with social anxiety. A large number of students as well as entrepreneurs have found that this supplement is useful for overcoming their fears of public speaking. Using this memory enhancing nootropic releases acetylcholine and dopamine inside the brain, which results in a plethora of long-term cognitive benefits.

Huperzine A

NootropicsHuperzine A is a naturally occurring “herbal nootropic” that derives from Chinese club moss, (a type of fir moss). Neuroprotection and improved memory function are some of the benefits users experience from using this nootropic. It prevents enzymes from degrading acetylcholine, hence increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain; this results in better memory retention, mental clarity, and increased neuroplasticity. These benefits of using this drug become enhanced when the substance use gets combined with a diet filled with good sources of choline. This supplement is also very popular because no adverse side-effects have ever occurred in users, now that’s impressive!


This supplement is extracted from amino acids making it ideal for improving memory retention. Cell-to-cell communication improves after consuming phosphatidylserine since it helps with the maintenance and the growth of neurons. The unique compounds of this supplement help to improve mood, memory recollection, mental processing speed, accuracy, concentration, and focus. Another advantage of using the supplement is that it is a neuroprotectant. This supplement also helps to reduce the rate of cognitive decline caused by aging. Phosphatidylserine may also be useful for individuals who are deficient in phosphate.


Vinpocetine is a natural ingredient that helps in improving short-term as well as long-term memory. Its elements (extracted from the periwinkle plant seeds,) are unique and result in many benefits. In addition to increasing blood flow to the human brain, consuming this supplement regularly also may help in enhancing different cognitive functions. Some of these functions are; increased mental and physical wellness, improved verbal skill, and enhanced reaction time. In addition to making it easier to remember information for more extended periods of time, vinpocetine also has neuroprotective and antioxidizing properties. Many of the benefits of this nootropic are similar to those of omega-3 supplements since they also work by reducing neuroinflammation.


Quality of life to a large degree depends on the health of an individual’s mind. Reductions in execution skill, brainpower, reasoning, memory retention, and recollections may be due to environmental factors, stress, aging or illness. These are all serious problems that many people have to face on a daily basis. In addition to enhancing brain functioning, it is also essential to protect the brain from damage caused by aging and disease. At present, nootropics are the best neuroprotective cognitive enhancers that improve users memory, protecting and enhancing their minds, allowing them to live their best and most successful life.

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