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10 Ways to Increase Your Cognitive Ability

One of the main traits of being human is to improve the quality of our lives at all times. We make efforts to make our lives longer, enable our bodies to do more, be more jolly and achieve more in life. The primary cognitive capacity are simply known as mind related traits. These traits, made up of mental challenges such as the processing of information, are used to analyze the ability of the brain to perform during complicated tasks. This also involves the brain’s ability to make decisions and judgements based on past events and experiences. Studies have demonstrated that there exist simple methods for improving these mental traits, allowing people not only to better their lives, but to prolong them as well.

Often, the term cognitive development is thought in relation to minors and toddlers. Most grown ups do not consider that they can develop cognitively during adulthood. This is a dangerous misconception, as not maintaining cognitive skills can lead to premature aging, a shortened lifespan, and making life difficult to oneself and others at senior age. Individuals with Alzheimer’s, when diagnosed in its full wraith, have a life expectancy of 3-9 years after diagnosis.

Individuals who pursue activities which aid cognitive growth throughout adulthood will feel a lot more confident when difficult situations face them. It has been scientifically proven that when our brains face challenges, they create new synapses, which also hardens fresh memories. When humans challenge their brain with tasks not previously offered to the brain, the mind immediately starts building new pathways for neurons to communicate.

Adults are able to enhance cognitive development thereby prolonging their mental health state as they get older. Lifestyle changes are vital to stabilizing the brain structure. Cognitive decline is the primary reason for premature aging. As the brain gets older, its capacity to absorb fresh information, recalling and processing, and thereafter applying them declines with age. This influences factors such as intelligence, memory, communication, and focus.

Cognitive capacity likewise is affected by unavoidable factors such as stress, physical wellbeing, and mental state (mood). Different neural networks in the brain respond to various stimuli. Well functioning neural connections are required for appropriate mental health. This article will demonstrate methods, of different categories, for increasing cognitive ability and prolonging life.

Physical activity

Everyone acknowledges that physical activity paves way for a healthy looking body, however most individuals are unaware of the fact that it is also beneficial for mental health. Many research projects have demonstrated that physical exercise can:

  • Reduce the likelihood of developing dementia
  • Inspire mental development and the activeness of brain cells
  • Make the brain more resistant to age inspired decay
  • Enhance the ability to recall vague events
  • Lessen the effect stress has on mental state
  • Provide optimism and general satisfaction during everyday life activities

Researches conducted not long ago, demonstrated a direct relation between physically healthy individuals, and the rate at which their brain lost tissue density. Other studies have also provided evidence stating that people who exercise are able to make judgement calls more clearly, especially while under pressure by stressful situations. For example, these individuals would not lose focus and confidence during job interviews, or when faced by unforeseen circumstances.

Read actively

Reading is a life pleasure which humans are lucky to enjoy. It increases mental threshold, and the brain’s ability to cope with stress. Watching videos online does not trigger the same mechanisms that reading does. Reading books allows the brain to train itself to think critically, and creatively, which changes the way a person sees life, and especially their mood during the day. Researchers recommend at least half an hour of each day to be dedicated to reading, in order to experience these benefits.

Participate in new hobbies

People who seek to find which new hobbies interest them, are usually more healthy mentally. Hobbies like horticulture, learning to play musical instruments, studying an unknown language, studying history, involving oneself in debates, observing the mechanics of the free market, or raising animals and plants to monitor patterns of different stages in growth.

Puzzle solving

All puzzles are designed to stimulate the growth of neural networks in the brain. Such puzzles like cryptograms, crosswords, acrostics include words, however others like Sudoku can be entirely based on mathematics. These can be of major help in maintaining mental flexibility!

Reduce stress

Of course, stress is one of the prime elements of biological life, and is a natural condition. However, excessive stress wears down the nervous system, effectively reducing lifespan. The nervous system is able to repair itself and improve cognitive ability, however too much stress can overwhelm the nervous system, fracturing memory, and leading to mental disorders. This, in turn, causes physical abnormalities, leading to tiredness and inability to sleep.

Consume Supplements

There are some supplements which enhance basic mental abilities like recalling, focus, and reasoning. This type of supplement is called a nootropic, and not only does it enhance the mental state, it also shields the brain from all types of injury. Regular use of nootropics can improve muscle control and enhance learning abilities and memory.

Get enough sleep

Don’t neglect sleep as it is important not just for rest, but also to reboot on a daily basis. If you do not get at least 8 hours of sleep, you become more susceptible to symptoms of stress, and the memory gets worse.


Meditation helps you gain full control over the functioning of your mind. It can have positive effects on your professional life, stress levels, and life goals. Research also shows that it can prevent the brain from deteriorating. Meditating for 10 minutes every day could help you get the full benefits.

Watch educational TV shows

Watching educational science or historical TV shows that spark questions in your mind or make you think objectively can also be cognitively enriching.

Visit zoos, historical sites, and museums

Visiting historical sites and museums can help build better cognition. Don’t be a passive visitor when you visit any such place of interest. Read the information provided at each exhibit and try to retain the information. Repeat this information to yourself at regular intervals. This will help you remember this information for days to come.

Cognitive AbilityConclusion

The brain is the most amazing organ in the human body, although it requires careful attention and care. If this care is guaranteed to it, the organ can function far beyond its expected capabilities. One of the ways to treat the brain is to give it these much needed chemicals, which the body often denies it. There are different nootropics which can provide these chemicals to the brain.

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