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Modafinil, Adrafinil, and Armodafinil: What’s the difference?

You may come across Modafinil quite often while searching through the web. However, ironically any time you decide to get some for yourself the only thing that pops up in your search engine happens to be Adrafinil. But then there also is Armodafinil, which also happens to be a hot topic in some groups of people. Are any of these different? It is quite easy to get confused with all of this.

Unfortunately, Adrafinil, Modafinil, and Armodafinil get mixed up way too often, as they do happen to differ.

What is the difference then?

We can observe symptoms like an improved ability to focus, memorize, and stay awake, full of life for longer after using Modafinil.

Nevertheless, for those same very reasons, it is not wildly available to the public. Numerous nations had decided to label Modafinil as a prescription drug used to cure narcolepsy. A disease that forces people into day sleeping. This means that no one can get it until his or her doctor says that he or she needs it.
While in many cases Armodafinil needs to be prescribed to a patient, also making it quite hard to acquire for its nootropic effects, Adrafinil becomes a much simpler alternative to obtain.

Modafinil, Adrafinil, ArmodafinilModafinil, Adrafinil, ArmodafinilAs said above Adrafinil, is much easier to get in comparison to its competitors. But then there always need to be drawbacks. As our bodies turn it into Modafinil, we do achieve our desired effects, though after a prolonged period of time as that conversion is not an instantaneous process.

Hopefully all of the above made complete sense, because Armodafinil may start to cause some confusion. Its name simply is the phonetic pronunciation of its chemical name: “R-Modafinil.”

There are two complete opposite molecules that build up Modafinil. They both are respectively called R-Modafinil, and S-Modafinil. These prefixes both have their meanings. “Rectus” and “sinister” which after translation from Latin mean “right” and “left.” There also is a scientific term describing a molecule being the opposite of another, an “enantiomer.”
Why is their opposition so important though, you may ask?

Studies have shown that many enzymes in our bodies behave differently when faced with S and R molecules. That is as it may so happen for an R molecule to be rejected by an S enzyme as they quite often are enantiomers themselves.

When it comes to Modafinil, the effects of the R and S molecules are quite similar, they both give us a sudden rush of energy. However, they are not the same. The R molecule has a much longer half-life in comparison to its brother, which comes to around 15 hours, surpassing the mere 4 hours that half of the S molecule decays in.

Usual Modafinil has got as much S-Modafinil as it does have R-Modafinil inside of it, this kind of a compound is called a “racemate.” The peak of their doings should be expected to be met throughout the first 5 hours after which their effects will start to decay due to different half-lives of them. As mentioned above the first molecule or bodies get rid of is the S-molecule, leaving its reflection by itself. Meaning that from that point on you will be left with only half of what you have consumed for the next 7-10 hours.

The reason for Armodafinil being so expensive is that it tries to achieve more than basic Modafinil. By creating a compound made only from R-Modafinil, it allows us to experience its peak effects for up to 12-15 hours! Getting rid of the early fall off. However, many complicated chemical synthesis methods have to be used in order to create it, which does not influence its price positively.

And that is what makes Armodafinil cost so much more than Modafinil on the market.

S-Adrafinil, R-Adrafinil, and the breakdown process

So now having all the theory taken care of, why don’t we come back to Adrafinil?

Surprisingly (not really) Adrafinil also consist of S-Adrafinil and R-Adrafinil. Nevertheless, as nobody happened to split them and produce them on their own, it is barely ever talked about. However, that does not make it any less important. Once again, studies have shown that Adrafinil reaches its peak during the first 5 hours of it taking its effect but then starts to weaken for the next 5 hours.
But wait! That is not possible! Shouldn’t half of Adrafinil be transformed to R-Modafinil with a half-life of 12 to 15 hours?

Modafinil, Adrafinil, ArmodafinilAs for today, Adrafinil has not been a popular object to study, as well as its conversion to Modafinil, leaving a lot of space for us to guess in. Nonetheless, we do have enough knowledge to guess with a high probability of being correct. As mentioned above, our bodies react differently to R and S molecules. Furthermore, we do possess an understanding that it takes about 4 hours for our body to dispose of a half of S-Modafinil and about 12-15 hours to do the same with R-Modafinil. Moreover, it so does seem that Adrafinil has a visible effect for the period of about 5-8 hours. Concluding, we may come to an assumption, that our bodies largely interact with S-Adrafinil, while getting rid of R-Adrafinil. Leaving the short-lived S-Modafinil in our circulation.

Remember to take that last paragraph in with a grain of salt! There is no research confirming these claims, but mere theories! It is nothing more than a connection of all the observations from before that when put together kind of make sense. But looking back in history shows us that a lot of observations, that would “make sense” at first, did not find their place in reality. Nothing can be said with certainty until proper studies have been conducted.

But for the sake of this article let’s say that all of these assumptions are true. If so, how does our body deal with R-Adrafinil? Firstly, a part of Adrafinil is transformed directly into Modafinilic Acid and Modafinil Sulfone. Due to their lack of energy boosting properties, we can not call them nootropics. However, Modafinil Sulfone does act as an anticonvulsant. What we should also note is that even Modafinil itself turns into those “waste products” when cleared from the body. So while it is quite unfortunate R-Adrafinil might be essentially useless to us, leaving us with S-Modafinil’s effects present in S-Adrafinil.

Adrafinil and the liver

There have been some concerns regarding Adrafinil’s conversion into Modafinil in the liver.

In fact our livers do have to produce a couple extra substances, but that is not at all threatening to our health. Even Tylenol requires these same enzymes to be produced! After all, our livers were made to help us digest! Of course, like with everything in life, if taken in doses that are too big, or if taken too often, then we could be in trouble.
Modafinil, Adrafinil, ArmodafinilNow for that same very reason, we would not encourage daily consumption of Adrafinil.

There is a couple of safety precautions, that are well worth your while. If by any chance your liver might not be in its best shape, by any means you should not be taking several different drugs at the same time. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s say that one day you take your dosage of Adrafinil, and after some time you get a headache and you decide to also take some Tylenol with it. Bad decision! Taking drugs is like stacking bricks on top of a wooden plank. If that plank is new and strong it will handle many at the same time. But when it loses its quality, it will snap. For your own safety consult your doctor if nootropics are in fact safe for you.

There is one other thing I’ll have to warn you about. The substances that our liver produces after the intake of Adrafinil and Modafinil, are also responsible for the break down of birth control medication. Therefore, making hormonal birth control pretty much useless. So if you still decide to take these nootropics, be sure to switch to another form of protection like condoms for example.

So which -afnil should you choose? Which one is the winner?

Unfortunately, there is not a single answer to that question, as it all depends on your personal preferences, and way of living.

As with your first thought you might have came to a conclusion that Armodafinil is the wonder nootropic in this case due to its efficiency, but it does not come without catch. Ironically, the exact same thing that makes it incredible might also happen to be its own doom. Having a half-life of 12-15 hours, which is a long time for a substance like this, if you decide to intake it at let’s say 8 AM, there will still be half the amount of what you have consumed in your bloodstream at around 10 PM. As we know this drug actually stops us from sleeping, so having it in our bloodstream that hour of a day would not be ideal.

The ideal -afinil then depends on your situation. Do you need to have an entire day of vigorous work, possibly into the night, to get your essay done before the deadline tomorrow? Then you might want to wake up at 7 AM, take Armodafinil, and work the day away. Keep in mind though that because Armodafinil is a prescription drug, you might not have the option.

Is your life slightly less stressful? Then Adrafinil is a better choice, because you have more flexibility in when you take it. You can take it early in the morning, and then take another dose in the afternoon if you want, without it affecting your sleep, or you can just take a single dose in the late morning or in the afternoon, and boost your productivity in the later half of your day.

And what about Modafinil? Like Armodafinil, it’s a prescription drug and therefore not legal to buy over the counter. It also has the drawback of the long half-life of R-Modafinil, as well as the drawback that half of the dose is gone after 5 to 8 hours. The only advantage it has over Adrafinil is that it kicks in slightly faster, in roughly half an hour instead of an hour.

Ideally by now you should be able to make a well educated choice when it comes to your needs, desires, and expectations.

For a lot of the reasons mentioned above, we’re selling Adrafinil on our site here, so have a look if you want to boost your energy and focus.
adrafinil vs modafinil Or click here to read some other articles about nootropics. And if anything remains unclear, we’d be happy to answer any questions via the chat or via email!

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