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Why We Love Nootropics? (And You Should Too!)

Nootropics, also known as cognitive enhancers, or “smart drugs” are substances with extreme interest within the pharmaceutical community. Romanian chemist/psychologist first coined the term “Nootropic” many years ago while studying cognitive enhancing substances. The term “Nootropic” is also a Greek word meaning to “turn or bend.” Nowadays these substances are used mainly as cognitive enhancements used to improve and nourish existing brain functions. Specific functions like creativity, for example, can be targeted and improved using nootropic substances. That said these substances are still not widely accepted and often debated by neurologists and physicians within the scientific community.

Reasons to Use Nootropics

Some of the primary users of nootropic drugs are students. The reason for this is because many students utilize the benefits these substances have to increase productivity. Students also use nootropics to stay focused during exams and competitions. Moreover, nootropic drugs are known to improve health since they promote healthy cell production in the body. Healthy cells create an optimal environment for the brain to enhance many cognitive abilities such as learning, and memory. So without further adieu, let’s get into some of the main reasons why we believe nootropics are some of the most beneficial brain-boosters in existence.

It Makes Our Brain Power Limitless

NootropicsSome nootropic substances contain chemicals called “Stimulants”, but many also do not. Many users like to compile something called a “Nootropic Stack” which is a mix of two or more nootropic substances taken together. A favorite ingredient often stacked with others is caffeine, this is because most people are already familiar with caffeine and its effects. That said, there are also many nootropic formulas on the market that one can buy that do not contain any caffeine or any stimulants at all for that matter. As mentioned earlier, nootropics are widely known for their cognitive enhancement effects, but some may also provide energy boosting effects as well. The exact results of each nootropic substance or nootropic stack vary from product to product, and it’s essential that users study them before using. Many existing nootropic substances can reduce anxiety and stress while enabling users to stay relaxed and calm, without increasing energy levels or heart rate. There are also many natural or herbal nootropics available, free from any synthetic compounds.

Nootropic Can Save You From a Bad Mood

The use of nootropic substances may also be beneficial for reducing mood swings. In fact, many nootropic drugs are known to have mood improvement effects, this phenomenon is also known as “subjective well-being enhancement.” These substances can do this by improving the efficiency of the brains neurotransmitters, and allowing better blood flow to the brain. Having a positive attitude is essential to being productive in both business and personal life, and for overall success.

It Improves Your Focus

Healthcare professionals use many popular nootropic substances for treating degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. We want to be clear though, that these substances alone have not been proven to cure these diseases, but they do help in treating them. The compounds within these nootropic substances work by slowing down cognitive decline, and this allows sufferers of age-related cognitive decline to reduce the adverse effects of these diseases. Nootropics can improve memory and memory retention, and this is why they are so good at treating patients who suffer from degenerative brain illnesses. Claiming that the use of a specific nootropic or nootropic stack can cure any of these diseases is a statement we cannot back up with existing data, yet.

It Helps With Dealing With Stress

Stress can be potentially detrimental to all people, not just for the body but also for the mind. Increased levels of stress can often cause one to feel sick or tired. Nootropic substances are some of the most popular and effective ways of dealing with high levels of stress, without causing adverse side effects. Many nootropic drugs can reduce levels of anxiety, depression, and fatigue, helping users to remain calm and focused on everyday life.

NootropicsThere Are No Side Effects

Now we all know that every drug has to have some potential side effects right? Well, that may be true, but many of the studied nootropics within the scientific community are known to have little to no adverse side effects if used correctly, and that’s what makes them so unique. For this reason, many people who use or are planning to use prescription medication opt to go the nootropic route, this way they have fewer reasons to worry. Medical professionals recommend that new nootropic users start by micro-dosing; which is using small fractions of a prescribed dose to start, to test the effects of the drug before moving on to more significant amounts.

It Improves Your Willpower

Many people in the world suffer from a lack of ambition or willpower. This type of behavior can stifle creativity and stop you from taking risks to achieve success in life. Certain nootropic drugs can help people who feel this way, and also may improve overall mental health. These substances are also known for assisting their users in making more informed decisions since they may think more critically after using them.

It Helps Increase Blood Flow

We touched on this a bit earlier on, but blood-flow is one of if not the most important function of the human body. Many cognitive issued stem from lack of oxygen or blood flow to the brain, and this is also the primary cause of death. All essential functions within the human body rely on blood flow to work correctly, and without this, we would not survive. Nootropic substances may allow for better blood flow to the brain increasing oxygen intake. These drugs do this by relaxing and widening blood vessels which in turn, offers for a more continuous flow of fresh blood cells to reach the brain, resulting in many benefits such as increased activity and focus.

It Prevents Age-Related Memory Loss

As the brain ages, humans also tend to experience declines in some regions of the brain, and one of the first areas that suffer this is the area that controls memory. Nootropics can work as effective preventions to such memory loss and even restore specific functions that may have been impacted by this. They do this by encouraging the production of new neurons and connections inside the brain. Many people who suffer from short-term memory loss have been treated with nootropic substances to improve memory. Studies show that nootropic use can keep acetylcholine and glutamate levels optimal, which are essential for creating and retaining memories in the brain.

It Causes No Addiction

Regular use of too many drugs can have serious health effects, and some users may experience addiction symptoms because of this. Nootropic substances are proven to have no addictive impact on users since there have not been any known reports of such issues. Many users find it comforting to know that you can stop at any time without feeling any withdrawal symptoms.

Nootropics Help With Social Life

NootropicsNowadays many people have a hard time socializing with others and even just being in large groups. This type of problem can be tough to deal with for many students, workers, or business professionals who need to be around large numbers of people at a time during meetings or classes. Certain nootropic drugs can help to keep the nerves relaxed and calm, reducing brain clutter, and boosting confidence, allowing for better socialization. These are the reasons why certain nootropic drugs work very well for people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other related social disorders. Many users may take nootropic substances before a speech, or presentation to help them cope with the stress.

Nootropics Can Keep Your Dietary Needs In Check

Vitamins and nutrients such as Omega 3 are essential keys to living a healthy life. If the body does not have sufficient levels of vitamins and nutrients, many adverse effects may occur such as laziness and chronic illness. Nootropics are not a replacement for these nutrients, but many of them do contain essential nutrients and vitamins which only help to maintain a healthy diet. Nootropic substances can help users to feel more stable both mentally and physically.

Wrapping It Up

To conclude this article, we believe that there are multiple reasons which have lead to the popularity and success of nootropic drugs. In our opinion nootropic substances are the safest and most potent supplements that can improve cognitive ability; helping users to stay motivated and improving overall concentration. More importantly, these magical things have little to no known adverse side-effects, so its no wonder why so many business professionals choose these substances to stay productive. Keep in mind however that when starting to take any nootropic you must consult a medical professional, or at the very least micro-dose to ensure it is a good fit for your body. Everybody has different biochemistry, and nootropic drugs may not affect everyone in the same way. Sleeping patterns, diet, and many other factors can be affected by nootropic use, and they are in no way a replacement for any of those things. It is important to only look at nootropic drugs as a tool for enhancing life. If you follow these rules, you will be able to reap the fantastic benefits nootropic drugs can offer to live a long, and happy life.

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