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The 6 Things About Nootropics Your Wife Wants To Know

Depending on your research, you may or may not have already heard of the term “Nootropics.” The word can create some confusion with certain people since many do not understand what it is, or what it means.

So what are Nootropics and what are they used for?

NootropicsThe term “Nootropics” is used to describe a group of chemical substances that are either naturally or synthetically created to enhance cognitive ability. There is a set of criteria that a drug needs to adhere to (at least one or more) before that chemical substance can be considered a nootropic substance, and some of those conditions are:

  • It must have memory and learning enhancing effects
  • It must be able to help the brain to function under extreme conditions
  • It must be able to protect the brain from chemical, physical and toxic damage
  • It must be able to enhance neuronal firing control mechanisms effectively
  • It must be non-toxic to the body and should have little to no adverse side effects

All in all, it is essential that any “smart drug” or nootropic substance can enhance ones thinking and cognitive abilities. It’s important to note that both men and women can use nootropic substances and benefit from their effects. One impressive fact about nootropic use is that these supplements not only enhance the cognitive ability of users but also have many physical benefits which can positively impact overall health. With all the scientific research backing up these claims, it is undeniable how potent and successful these substances can be at enhancing the lives of people across the world.

What nootropics do

Nootropic substances work by enhancing the communication between neurons in the brain, this, in turn, balances out neurotransmitter levels which promotes healthy brain cell growth and production. Nootropic use also assists in improving metabolism rates, enhances neuroplasticity, and stimulates the growth of new neurons and synapses in the brain.
The overall health of the human body directly links to brain function. The brain controls many things including the regulation of hormone levels in the body. Therefore, if the brain does not function correctly (or has any performance issues), this could potentially lead to chemical and hormone imbalances which can negatively impact both men and women.
The two female hormones “Estrogen” and “Progesterone” act as neuroprotective chemicals in the brain. They can reduce inflammation and prevent age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s from occurring. Since these hormones have a direct relation to neurotransmitter function, they also directly influence other things such as mood, and overall health.
Deficiencies in progesterone or estrogen in women (or testosterone in men) can cause many changes in mood, cell growth, metabolism, sexual reproduction, and the functionality of organs including the brain.

What happens

The aging process begins from the moment we are born into the world. Subsequently, the human brain is one of the first organs to experience this aging, and it grows more each day. If not properly taken care of, toxins may build up in the brain, which can affect many things such as real-life decision making, and even cause premature cell death.
Most people notice the physical signs of aging in others such as hair greying, wrinkling of the skin, and bodily dysfunctions such as reduced mobility. The brain is entirely different in that when it ages you cannot physically notice the changes, but they do happen, and this aging negatively affects areas such as memory retention over time.
NootropicsSo it’s essential to address these signs of aging as they occur and take preventative measures to take care of your brains health. Many people use age prevention products such as anti-aging creams, or anti-wrinkling creams to address the physical signs of aging. However, many people do not know how to prevent the aging which is not visible, such as declines in neuron communication inside the brain.
When the neurons in the brain stop functioning effectively due to age, communication between those neurons slow down, and this can result in adverse effects like memory loss. If you focus on the health of your brain from a young age, you may be able to prevent or slow down the effects of aging and prevent age-related mental diseases. Stress is a big factor that causes many of these issues, so its important to keep your stress levels as low as possible. As you age, the production and growth of your brain cells will slow down and become worn out, resulting in reduced neuroplasticity.
The good news is, nootropics are substances which can help to treat and slow down the effects of age-related decline. Nootropic drugs have been proven to have many benefits, which we have explained in further detail below.

Nootropics help with anti-aging

The body is constantly working to eliminate waste and toxins. And even though the body is usually very effective at doing this, it cannot remove 100% of these toxins, and over time they build up inside the body. Physicians have developed many ways to notice the signs of toxin build up such as something called “sun spots” which are visible on the skin of individuals suffering from high levels of toxicity.
Sunspots are a sign of an unhealthy amount of cell death in the body. Many nootropic substances can help to treat this issue by supporting healthy cell growth, helping to eliminate toxic waste in the body.

Helps in improving poor sleeping patterns

NootropicsAging in the human brain rapidly increases after an individual goes through the process of puberty. This aging shows by noting many changes in an individuals behavior around this time such as their sleeping patterns. Extreme changes in sleeping patterns can also negatively affect cognitive ability over time.

Maintaining a healthy diet containing all the essential vitamins and nutrients, exercising and proper amounts of sunlight are all essential to preventing or slowing down cognitive decline. Combine the above with the use of nootropic drugs and your chances of experiencing early cognitive issues will decrease dramatically. There are many nootropic substances to choose from that can improve overall health. If appropriately taken these substances will also reduce the risk of age-related cognitive diseases, and help to sustain healthy sleep patterns.

Increased Neuroplasticity

“Neuroplasticity” is a term that describes the brain’s ability to process information, come up with new ideas, focus, and more. As mentioned earlier, old age can negatively impact neuroplasticity. Therefore, many people choose to use nootropics in some form to assist in maintaining or improving this important function of the brain.

Boosts Memory

The nervous system is also affected by aging, and this is what leads to many issues such as, speech impediments, muscle control issues, memory loss, and declines in sight. The chemicals in nootropic substances are known to help strengthen neurological bonds, which may enhance a users ability to retain memories and form new memories by making new connections.

Relieves Stress

In this day and age, many people suffer from stress-related disorders such as depression and anxiety. There are many nootropic substances proven to reduce levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Nootropic substances can do this by relaxing the mind and making a user feel more alert and focused. After taking a nootropic drug, a user may experience calming effects, which will put the mind into a state of ease and relaxation which allows the user to focus and reduces overthinking which causes stress.

A Healthy Brain Is Most Important During Pregnancy

NootropicsWhen a woman is pregnant, both the mother and the baby require proper nutrition for their bodies to function efficiantly. The brain of the mother must be able to communicate with the fetus properly; in fact, the mind is what regulates the entire pregnancy process. Some pregnant women may opt to use nootropics to maintain and boost their cognitive abilities, which can help with the baby’s development. Some nootropic substances cross the blood-brain barrier and widen blood vessels, enhancing blood flow and oxygen intake. These effects result in many benefits such as making the brain tissues more active, reduced stress, and improved mood. It’s important to note that these substances affect each person differently and its recommended to consult a medical professional before starting any prescriptions.

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