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Looking For The Right Nootropic For You? Check Out Our In Depth Guide Below

Tip – The “3rd Stack” Template Works Wonders

The world of supplements is immense these days, and it’s so often said just how difficult it is to choose somewhere to start. For many, supplements may just be the solution to various deficiencies, and that’s fine. Other users however, are looking for a cognitive boost. So why does this matter? What is the right nootropic for you? Well, if you’re either of the above users, you may be struggling to find a supplement that’s right for you. Perhaps you’ve taken a look at the vast array of Nootropics out there, and are left completely confused as to what means what, and what does what. Fortunately for you and every hopeful user out there, we’ve put together and in depth guide as to what Nootropics are good for beginners, along with various tips and tricks to get you started.

Start slowly, using simple and small dosages

It’s incredibly important for you to start slowly, simply because you don’t know what each compound’s effect on you is going to be. In order to fully grasp the situation, and build up a knowledge base, you must experiment in small amounts. When I first was introduced to Nootropics, I had made the decision to buy Alpha Brain. Thirty minutes after taking my first dose, it was incredibly clear that my cognitive abilities were enhanced. Everything was clear, and I could focus better than I ever had before. After about three hours or so the effect wore off.

The next Nootropic I took was piracetam, and I must say I regret moving so quickly between the two. I didn’t give my enough time to focus on how each compound affected me, and it took me a long time to figure out what each actually did, in order to accomplish my specific goals.

According to Mike Minneman (an experienced Nootropic user), there are three major reasons as to why you should start slow when beginning with the Nootropic for you.

  1. You have no prior knowledge as to how each version affects you. Everyone is different when it comes to supplements, so just because you read about someone else’s experience, doesn’t mean yours will be the same.
  2. If you beginning too fast, and take more than 3 noots, you’ll find that it’s incredibly difficult to differentiate between each compound. You’ll have no idea which one does what.
  3. Often many take to much, and miss the mark completely. A compound on its own may just be able to get the job done.

Simplify Your Options

When considering how you should take noots, you should take the following into account. Does it boost your strength and make up for any weaknesses you may have? Does it work to keep your mental health from declining? How about healing any mental trauma? It can be argued that three and four are created as a byproduct of one and two, but that’s beyond the point to be frank.

To keep it simple, rather than focusing on one attribute, search for all four. That way, you’ll be hitting all the bases, without too much effort on your part.

A major factor to focus on is your lifestyle habits. If you maintain healthy eating habits, a continual exercise regime, and a high productivity rate, the supplements will work much better than when mixing with an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s not uncommon to see the benefits from the pills and the lifestyle respectively to spill over and mix together. This’ll allow all of the benefits to be boosted themselves. Often at times when starting a supplement, people don’t have the motivation to increase their lifestyle, however, once they start the supplements, that lack of motivation is no longer lacking.

When creating stacks (taking more than one Nootropic at once), various goals can be completed all at once. For example, if you want to focus really well, but also suffer from depression and anxiety, you can stack the supplements so that they accomplish both. Greater focus, and reduced anxiety and depression.

Check out the overwhelming force (OF) stack if you want more information on the above.

When considering lifestyle changes, here’s a trick. Take the Nootropics to battle one goal, and the lifestyle changes for another. For example, if you have trouble focusing, use Nootropics for focusing better. All the while, if you’re struggling with anxiety, start exercising to accomplish lower levels of anxiety. Mixing the two like this has been deemed extremely helpful and beneficial to everyday life.

Stack Templates (Simple)

Racetam + Cholinergic

This stack is good for beginners, however, sometimes people who use this stack experience mild depression. If you experience depression while using this stack, please refrain from continued use.

What does it do?

  • Acetylcholine levels are altered.
  • Trimethylamine levels are altered.

Recommendation – When choosing a racetam to use, try piracetam. It is reportedly the safest to use as a beginner out of them all.

Racetam + Cholinergic + Vasodilator

This stack works to improve your focus as well as your memory. You will also receive headache protection, as well as increased blood flow to the brain.

L-theanine + Caffeine

L-theanine works to make you relaxed, however, many people find that they become to relaxed to accomplish much. If you want the relaxation effects of the drug, but still want to be productive, take it with caffeine. Whether that be coffee or something similar. 2:1 ratio seems to work best (L-theanine:caffeine).

If you are going to use caffeine in its powdered form, make sure you measure it first! You don’t want to take too much! That could be really bad for you. There are also pills available for you if you don’t want to take liquid or powdered caffeine.


According to Minneman, CILTEP works to improve your memory and focus. It reportedly works better than modafinil for some users. Grab yourself some CILTEP and let us know how it works for you if you so wish.

Important Note

You must always speak with your doctor or general practitioner before ingesting anything that alters the mind and body. Be aware of all health concerns before using Nootropics. If you are taking antidepressants or another prescription medication, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about how the supplement and drug will interact. Be proactive in protecting yourself.

We hope this information packet regarding Nootropics allowed for an in depth look at what the future of Nootropics may hold for you. Cheers! To clearer focus and the greater than ever Nootropics!

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