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Known as the original Nootropic, Piracetam is a synthetic smart drug developed nearly 50 years ago. The drug enhances cognitive functions in the brain, and to this day remains the most popular Nootropic. It’s important to note that Piracetam maintained this title even with its long standing history.

Piracetam: A Synopsis

Piracetam is known by many names. Examples are Nootropil, Breinox, Dinagen, and Lucetam. Piracetam is classified as a Racetam, and as an Ampakine. This particular Nootropic is very good at enhancing your memory, as well as your learning abilities. When considering what this Nootropic stacks with well, many report that Alpha GPC, Aniracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Oxiracetam, Centrophenoxine, and CDP Choline are all good options. The typical dosage of Piracetam is anywhere from 1600 mg to 4800 mg. Piracetam maintains a half life of 4-5 hours.


When considering the word “Nootropic”, one must take into account how it came about. The answer to this is simple. Piracetam was discovered in the early 1950s, and was from then on developed as a synthetic drug. This action led to discoveries all over the world, which inevitably defined the term Nootropic.

Piracetam is considered to be the most researched Nootropic of all time, as thousands of extensive documents have been created. Not to mention the hundreds of clinical trials that took place all over the world.

Known to be safe, reliable, and extremely popular, Piracetam is incredibly common among Nootropics users. It has plenty of benefits, and some say that these benefits aren’t the only ones available. As science progresses, the benefits that these drugs can give us will progress as well.

In 1964, a Romanian psychologist and Chemist invented the synthetic drug, after the actual compounds had been discovered in the early 1950s. This Romanian inventor was named Corneliu E. Giurgea. His primary goal was to synthesize a compound, in order to bestow various benefits upon its user. In this case, he wanted to enhance a beings memory, as well as enhance their ability to learn.

It’s important to note that Piracetam is not something that naturally occurs in any plant or food source, and is not naturally produced in the human body.

Legal Aspect

United States

  • In the United States, Piracetam cannot be sold as a dietary supplement. However, it can still be sold legally without the aid of prescription. Also, Piracetam can be purchased for research purposes.


  • In Canada, Piracetam is illegal to sell. However, for legal use, it can be imported to the country.

United Kingdom, Australia

  • In both of these countries, you can only obtain Piracetam through the use of prescriptions. In terms of import, only very small amounts may enter both countries.

Europe, Russia, South America, Asia

  • In these countries Piracetam is known to be an effective treatment for Myoclonus, which is a condition that enables involuntary muscle twitching. It can be prescribed only.

Benefits, Enhancements, Effects


Cognitive Enhancement

Considering Piracetam was actually developed with the sole purpose of becoming a cognitive enhancer, it is pretty darn good at its job. Clinical trials as well as scientific evidence state that your brain is boosted when using Piracetam. This means your memory, ability to learn, and even your concentration are boosted.

When considering how potent these drugs can be, it is important to note that those of older age are benefitted more than the youthful.

Piracetam works to increase synaptic plasticity, which is basically the connections between your neurons in the brain. This is a system is that is mandatory for learning. Without it, you’d be a dull lump that does nothing all day. Piracetam enhances this system by increasing blood flow to the brain, as well as increasing the production of vital brain chemicals.

Many people that use Piracetam claim that their energy is increased, their focused is drastically improved, and they experience high levels of creativity. These benefits are noticed most often when the user takes Piracetam alongside Choline! It’s also been noted that Piracetam helps students who deal with dyslexia on a daily basis.

Memory Enhancement

When taking in combination with choline, Piracetam is reported increasing your memory to a significant degree. This benefit is especially noticed in the elderly, as they suffer from deteriorated blood flow to the brain. Piracetam also works to increase the cellular membrane fluidity strength within the brain.

It’s important to note that Piracetam improves memory across all three spectrums. The first, being short term memory, is significantly improved. These are the memories you have when engaging in conversation, or when someone tells you what to do for a certain project. The next spectrum is long term memory. These are significant memories that you will remember for a long time. The last spectrum is free recall memories, which are the memories you obtain when studying for a test. All three of these spectrums will be improved upon.

Aging Protection Properties

The Nootropic is known for its ability to slow the negative side effects of aging. This includes memory loss, body break down, and even vision loss.

Disorder Treatment

Piracetam is known to be helpful in treating the following disorders.

  • Schizophrenia
  • Alcoholism
  • Neuroinflammation
  • Cognitive decline due to old age

In 2017, multiple studies began to look at Piracetam’s potential in regards to helping those addicted to heroin. The study is based off of rumours stemming from Europe and Asia. These rumours claim that Piracetam makes the effects of heroin significantly stronger, and even reduces the negative effects of using heroin. If this Nootropic is able to boost the effects of Heroin, many scientists believed that it may be a suitable replacement for the terribly addicting drug.

How Piracetam Works

Enhanced Cerebral Circulation

Piracetam has the ability to enhance memory, focus, short term memory, long term memory, and even free recall memory. The way it does this is by increasing and therefore improving the blood flow to and in the brain. Your brain works when blood is circulating through it, therefore, when that blood flow is enhanced, all of your brain’s functions will be enhanced as well!


When considering what a full grown, healthy adult would take, most doctors and medical professionals say 4800 mg per day. It’s not uncommon for this dosage to be divided by three. Each sub dose being taken after or before every meal (Assuming breakfast, lunch and dinner are your regular meals).

It is important to note that Piracetam will take effect around an hour and a half after you take it. The half life or duration of this is 5 hours (approximately). It is also important to note that even though you will feel certain positive effects immediately (After first dose), you won’t receive the full benefits of piracetam for up to two weeks. Some users even report it taking three weeks.

Where Can You Buy Piracetam

It’s important to reflect back on the legal situation surrounding Piracetam, depending on your country of origin. You can buy Piracetam at places like


If you’re looking for a way to boost your memory, learning ability, and even eyesight, Piracetam may just be the right substance for you. Talk to your doctor before using any and all substances, to avoid unnecessary harm to yourself or anyone else.

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