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So what are the overall benefits of using Nootropics?

So what are the overall benefits of using Nootropics? Well, to answer that question, we must take two paths. The short term benefits path, as well as the long term benefits path. For short term, things like stress relief, concentration improvement, and productivity rates will be greatly improved. For the long term, you’re looking at things like benefitting your mood, increasing your ability to remember important details, and even improving your mental clarity.

Short Term Advantages


When taking Nootropics for a lengthy amount of time, you will notice that your motivation levels rise significantly. This may seem like a minor benefit, but some people just need that extra push. The way this works is through the release of dopamine, which is essentially the feel good drug. Dopamine is what is released when you’re happy, and feeling rewarded. This happy feeling is what will encourage you to get up and get those last few workouts in. Maybe you need to clean the pool, or stop constantly procrastinating! Whatever it is, you may not even have to worry about it anymore, for Nootropics got your back! Time to be productive!

Here are some of the Nootropics that allow for increased motivation!

Rhodiola Rosea

A plant found in Alaska, Europe, and Asia that helps stimulate, energize, and clear the mind. Frankly, your motivation levels will spike off the charts after trying this particular Nootropic!

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 doesn’t even have to be purchased from a drugstore or a doctor, for you can find it in many of the fruits that you eat daily. Try eating oranges, mangoes, and even spinach for a Vitamin B9 boost! B9 essentially allows for better dopamine synthesis, which will really get your motivation drive running!


Known as a prominent amino acid, it can be found in popular foods such as wheat, beans, oats, nuts, meats, fish, and even eggs. Not only does this Nootropic improve dopamine levels, but it helps balance chemicals in the brain such as serotonin. This allows for a far healthier mental drive, as well as further mental clarity.

Enhanced Creativity!

When one takes Nootropics, it’s basic common knowledge that they’ll most likely feel very relaxed, and way more focused. This leads to an increase in creativity, for nothing blocks creativity like stress. Looking for a specific Nootropic to boost your creativity levels? Try L-Theanine, it’ll help regulate your brain waves, and is even linked to mind expanding abilities. Unlock your creative mind today, with L-Theanine!

Enhanced Learning Abilities!

Having trouble learning new things? Maybe you’re struggling to remember phrases of a new language, or you just can’t remember how to do math! I sure as heck do! Nootropics may be able to help everyone with this! Since Nootropics allow for better memory storage and retrieval, boosted focus and attention span, as well as mental energy levels, your learning abilities will sky rocket!

Looking for a specific Nootropic to accomplish this? Look no further than below!

Rhodiola Rosea

This particular Nootropic was tested on animals in order to determine just how potent the effects could be! Turns out, learning abilities as well as memories were improved upon! Pretty neat!

Bacopa Monnieri

This particular Nootropic stimulates brain chemicals that are required elements of memories. The herb, which is traditionally used in traditional indian medicine, is known as the educational nootropic. Users report that they have an easier time remembering names, and even entire phone numbers while taking this Nootropic.

Reduced Stress!

In today’s constant high stress environment, it’s so very common to be so stressed out you can’t function. It’s a sad truth, but frankly it needs to be said. Fortunately, Nootropics can help reduce the effects of stress, and even stress itself.


Due to its ability to modulate alpha brain waves, this particular Nootropic is able to reduce your stress levels significantly.

Rhodiola Rosea

This Nootropic is known to enhance your mind’s performance by nearly a factor of ten. It also strengthens your ability to resist various stressors.


Did you know that when you are stressed, certain brain chemicals are depleted? This means that you are essentially breaking down when you are stressed. L-Tyrosine will allow you to combat this. The Nootropic aids in the replenishment of those lost chemicals, making it far easier to deal with stress of all kinds.

Better Sleep!

Did you know that there is a direct relation between your brain’s performance and your daily sleep patterns? Well, it’s true. This means that when you boost your brain function, you are also boosting your sleep abilities. Crazy isn’t it!

L-Theanine helps significantly with the above. It’s even supposedly known for its ability to make your dreams seem incredibly real! People who attempt to lucid dream are prominent users of L-Theanine!

Increased Attention Span

Are you suffering from selective attention, focused attention, alternating attention, or even divided attention? Nootropics is here to help! Try Rhodiola Rosea or Citicoline today!

Boosted Brain Energy

A lot of times people refuse to do anything substance related to boost their brain energy. This is basically the fault of the negative side effects of those other substances. Examples being coffee and the crash you get when the high wears off. Nootropics do no such thing! Remember, for a Nootropic to be classified as a Nootropic, it must have NO side effects!

Better Mood!

If you’re looking to better your mood, look no further than Nootropics! Due to the fact that Nootropics reduces stress, and even provides you with more mental energy, your mood will be significantly increased! It’s true!

Improved Memory!

Looking to boost your memory across all fronts? Nootropics has your back! This means your short term memory, long term memory, and free recall memories will be improved!

Long Term Benefits of Using Nootropics

Although there are many short term benefits, the long term benefits are just as awesome!

Brain Regeneration

Think back on our neurogenesis discussion! Your brain cells are incredibly important, and Nootropics work to boost their health by a large factor! The regeneration of the brain is known to be optimized by Nootropics!

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract
  • Citicoline


This essentially means your brain cells will be protected from harm. When your body is under stress, harmful chemicals are released to your brain. Nootropics help protect you, by basically putting up a barrier. A shield if you will.

  • Phosphatidylserine (PS)
  • Citicoline


Studies show that when your brain is in cognitive decline, your body will follow. Your memory will start to fail, your skin may be visibly wrinkled, and you may even lose your regular motivation levels. Thankfully Nootropics can help, for a healthier cognitive output will delay this aging for years!

  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Pine Bark Extract

Speak to your doctor

As previously mentioned, it is always important to speak with your doctor before trying new things. Your doctor will provide you with information on how to take Nootropics, when you should take them, how much you should take, and even what you should take them with.

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