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Suffering From Social Anxiety? Nootropics May Just Be The Cure

In today’s society, it’s incredible common for someone to suffer from social anxiety. After all, we all want to fit in. We all want enough followers on social media, and we all supposedly have to follow trends and keep up to date with current events. Some may say that life has always been like this, but with the rise of technological determinism, instant access to mainstream media makes said pressure so much more intense. If you or a loved one has or is suffering from some form of social anxiety, we may have a potential solution. Nootropics are a simple, safe, and effective way to fight off social anxiety.


To Begin…

When it comes fighting off social anxiety, it’s important to understand just what causes social anxiety. To be quite frank, anxiety of all types is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Once that imbalance becomes balanced, the anxiety should cease to exist. So what systems are imbalanced?

Neurotransmitter Systems

Your mind is controlled and situated around various neurotransmitter systems. These systems control the status of your brain and cognitive function constantly. Examples of neurotransmitter systems are serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. You may have heard of dopamine, for it’s commonly recognized as the feel good drug. The other two are very similar.

Social Anxiety Relief via Nootropics


Below we’ve put together a list of Nootropics that may help you fight your battle with social anxiety. It’s important to note that before trying any of what is listed below (Side Note: All Nootropics are safe and healthy to use on their own. However, interactions with other substances may cause side effects), speak to your doctor or general practitioner for more information.


This particular Nootropic works by increasing the amount of dopamine that is produced in the brain. To put this into perspective, imagine your at work. You just finished a complex assignment and you did so very well. Your boss calls you into his office and says you did a good job. Maybe you’d even get a raise. That feeling of satisfaction and euphoria that you’d probably get, is due to dopamine. The feel good drug. What better way to fight social anxiety then that?


This particular Nootropic gives you an energy boost, and relieves fatigue.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is a Nootropic that works significantly differently than both of the above Nootropics. Rather than producing more neurotransmitters, it protects the current batch.


This particular Nootropic has been known to boost your memory, as well as enhance your mood. Not to mention it significantly reduces your anxiety levels by relieving you of subconscious stressors.

Final Thoughts

Before using any unfamiliar substance, speak with your doctor. This is for your health, and as we all know, somehow harming yourself will in no way relieve you of your social anxiety.

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