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ADHD. How Nootropics Can Help?

Do you struggle with ADHD? Does it affect your daily life? Perhaps you’re having trouble holding down a job, or even maintaining lengthy relationships? Well, fortunately for you, we’ve put together a list of the best Nootropics for ADHD specifically. People with ADHD tend to suffer from a lack of focus. Multiple things are constantly running through their minds, and it may even be hard for them to focus on just one. This is because ADHD makes your brain hyperactive, and stops you from controlling your various impulses.

To put everything in perspective, Colin Barrett states that ADHD is similar to driving a car. You steer it to where you want to go, but your brain under or over steers to the point of recklessness. So, now that we know what ADHD actually is, let’s get into the solution. Nootropics.

Rhodiola Rosea

This particular Nootropic is most known for its ability to help regulate your brain. It does this by releasing adaptogen chemicals in your brain, thus balancing your stress levels and bettering your mood. According to many Rhodiola Rosea is similar to taking Dexedrine. You may feel calmer, more at peace, and certainly less stressed. All those intrusive thoughts that you may suffer form, are all likely to disappear. Want more information on Rhodiola Rosea?


Coffee is basically natural caffeine, which is actually a Nootropic. Caffeine is known to provide stimulation effects to the user, as well as the ability to balance your focus. You’ll be able to concentrate like never before. All these perks are perfect counters to ADHD. It’s important to note that too much caffeine may be harmful to young teens and children. Speak to your doctor for more information.


According to the results of a 4 month study experiment, Ashwagandha has been proven to help those suffering from ADHD. The Nootropic allows for the Acetylcholine breakdown by enzyme to slow drastically, meaning less conflicting thoughts, less stress, and more concentration and focus. For superior usage, try using the Nootropic within a herbal tea.


Modafinil is perhaps one of the most effective Nootropics among this list. The drug works to release dopamine into your brain. Dopamine is responsible for creating those happy, feel good moments you get. You may get them after workouts, when receiving good news, and even when laughing. For people with ADHD, this is not the case. These people tend to suffer from dopamine imbalances, and are deprived of that happy feeling. Modafinil will balance those imbalances, and will therefore help ADHD significantly.


Already known for its excellent ability to aid people plagued by ADHD, Sulbutiamine is similar to Thiamine. Taking the drug allows for a nearly instant energy level increase, and will even boost your focus levels, as well as your concentration levels. This specific Nootropic responsible for increasing the amount of phosphate esters within the brain. It’s important to note that this particular Nootropic tastes horrible. You may have to take it with food, or in capsule form.


This particular Nootropic jump starts your brain. This Nootropic supports dopamine levels, which as previously explained, balance out your mood and provide positive feelings.


Also known for its remarkable sleep aid capabilities, L-Theanine has also been known to induce better focus and concentration levels in the brain!

Final Thoughts

Before taking any drug or medication, make sure you speak with your family doctor first. It is always important to be proactive rather than reactive. Best of luck to everyone struggling from ADHD, and we certainly hope the above list may relieve you of those struggles!

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